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      "They're putting up the fencesworkmen from Tonbridgefences down by Socknersh."

      "Think of it?" said Shorty, recovering himself. "They've got to think of it as the very best rijimint that ever stood in line-of-battle. I'll punch the head of any man that says anything to the contrary. Every man in it is a high-toned, Christian gentleman. Mind that, now, every one of you brats, and don't you allow nobody to say otherwise."

      "You loosened everybody up," Norma said.


      After all, he had only fifty-six acres out of a possible three hundred, and had not made much profit out of them, judging by the austerity of ways at Odiam. Horse-rakes and steam-threshers could not blind his neighbours to the absence of muslin curtains and butcher's meat. "And the way he's working them pore childer, too ... all of 'em hard at it from mornun till evenun, surelye ... enough to make their mother turn in her grave, pore girl ... not but wot she hadn't every reason to expect it, considering the way he treated her," etc. etc."Hold on to me tight! Hold on to me!" clamored little Pete. "If you don't I'll be washed away and lost for sure."


      "What business is it of yours. Mister Russell, I'd like to know," asked Monty Scruggs, "what he does with his rations. His rations are his rights, and he's entitled to 'em. It's nobody's business what use a man makes of his rights."


      MRS. G.: And telephone calls, where that's possible. And visits. And starting even more talk everywhere. Just everywhere."You won't do nothin' o' the kind. Shorty. Don't you contradict me. Let him go, I tell you."