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      That clear-eyed little familiar inside Pen whispered to her: "This is all very well, but as soon as he has time to think it over, he'll begin to see the holes in your story. You must get the money out of him to-night if you can."

      "Ah! Anything else?"

      Strict orders against foraging were issued almost daily under the Buell dispensation. These were often read impressively to the new troops, who, in their simplicity, "took it all in" as military gospel.

      "Bully for you!" said Si, for he felt that he must begin to talk like a soldier.

      "No, you don't!" cried Delehanty, and started after her.

      "I thought you were going to drop that nonsense.""Should think you were," mused the Colonel, hefting the lightened vessel. "Bugler, sound the assembly and let's get back to camp."


      "No. How should he have? A man like that. Never did a positive act in his life, either good or bad.""I shouldn't have slept!" murmured Don.


      The brigadiers met in consultation, rejected the three plans proposed in the letter, and advised that an attempt should be made to gain a footing on the north shore above the town, place the army between Montcalm and his base of supply, and so force him to fight or surrender. The scheme was similar to that of the heights of St. Michel. It seemed desperate, but so did all the rest; and if by chance it should succeed, the gain was far greater than could follow any success below the town. Wolfe embraced it at once.


      A silence followed. Pen, straining her ears heard, or imagined that she heard the latch softly raised, the door opened, and the little pan softly moved inside. Then Don's voice again:V2 mistress. The English had six men wounded and nearly a hundred frost-bitten. [823]